Topsham community members are expressing concern after ammunition was found at the high school.

Officials have not said how many bullets were found, but Mt. Ararat High School Principal Donna Brunette said, in a post on the MSAD #75 Facebook page, that they were for a small caliber gun, and not assault rifles. It's also not clear where in the school the bullets were found. School administrators are working with their resource officer, Randy Cook, to determine who left the bullets, and the circumstances that led to their being brought into the school.

Principal Brunette goes on, in the post, to discuss the many features they have in place to keep track of the students, including daily attendance, hall passes, and cameras that are placed in various locations around the building. She encourages parents, students, and community members to feel free to reach out to the school with any questions and concerns. Brunette is inviting parents to join their students for the upcoming Field Day and Homecoming Dance, during which an extra police officer will be present.

"Please know that our goal is to provide a safe environment for our students to grow and learn," Brunette wrote in the letter, "and we follow up on every report received."

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