If you are a true Mainah bub, you know that some words and expressions mean something totally different here in the 207!

Karen Morgan is a very funny comedian, was born and raised in Athens, Georgia but now calls Maine home. She began her professional comedy career as a finalist on Nickelodeon Television’s “Search for the Funniest Mom in America.”

Karen's TV appearances include comedy shows and ads for companies like Wal-Mart and Zyrtec. Her latest album "Cocktails in Pajamas" was released on July 8th.

One very funny bit she does on her social media is with her friend Johnny Ater, whom she calls “The Maine Translator” They break down a variety of words that have completely different meanings to Mainers.

“Beans” doesn’t mean food in this state

You can always hear “Breezed Up” on a windy day in Maine

“Stove Up” is one I have heard a million times, when someone gets into a car accident, or injures themselves

‘Right Out Straight” is a phrase you might hear after someone has a busy week

“Hard Tellin’, Not Knowin’” is a longer way of plain old, “I don’t know”

The Maine definition of “Pasta” is definitely not spaghetti related!

“Kife” is one that I am personally guilty of saying over the years.

If you eat a bunch of food quickly, you use the expression “Mow Down” I am also guilty of this one too!

Karen has also appeared on our friend Danny Cashman’s late-night talk show

For more info on Karen Morgan’s Maine stand-up shows, and to watch more of her funny videos, you can check out her website.

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