If you ask a person, what's the worst part of buying a brand new car, one of the first things likely to pop into your mind, is that you're about to pay the highest excise tax on your vehicle, for the time that you own it. Never mind the face that you just shelled out hundreds on sales tax. And for the first several years you own that "new" car, you'll keep paying what feels like top-dollar. Good news is, over time it does go down.

But there's a car salesman in southern Maine that would like to do something about it. According to WGME TV-13, Scott Croteau from Biddeford, is thinking about taking on the state and trying to do something about it. His proposal would be to make excise tax an annual flat fee, as opposed to the current method based on the age of your car, and the MSRP.

Croteau believes a $200 flat tax is the way to go. It's a manageable number most folks can afford, but high enough that the state can still count on a decent revenue stream from excise tax. In the same story, it was pointed out that almost half of the country doesn't collect any excise tax, and among states that do, Maine comes in as the 6th highest.

However, not everyone is likely to be pleased by this idea. For instance, I recently registered my 2002 RAV4, and I don't think it was even $100. So someone in my position won't like to hear that they have to pay more. Other folks cruising around in their brand new Cadillac Escalade will likely be stoked.

Croteau hopes to generate enough interest via a petition, to have the idea put on a state ballot. He will need well over 60,000 signatures to get it on there. But there's probably a lot of folks out there who would love to pay less. Hopefully, anyone with an opinion either way will sign the petition, and get out to vote if it gets on the ballot.

We'll keep you updated if and when he begins collecting signatures.

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