These photos include a mailbox duct taped to a post, it doesn't get much more Maine than that!

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Getty Images

Mainers are great at recycling old items and finding them new uses for them, including holding up their mailboxes. You may notice these unique mail boxes as you travel around the state but when you have a destination getting a photo of them isn't usually an option.

Luckily we found the #MailboxesofMaine on Instagram with some awesome photos to give you some examples of Mainer Mailboxes:

Like this one in Aroostook County that is a mailbox and a seat in 1!

This is one of the only ways to keep your mailbox safe in the winter

Kawasaski doesn't run anymore? No problem! Just attach your mailbox to it!

The ultimate Maine mailbox

This one is too funny! The 'Drop Box'!

Just because the tread is warn doesn't mean the tire is useless!

This one isn't really even a mailbox...but that works...Right?

Almost as reliable as duct tape!

We are trying to figure out if there is a purpose for the snow scoop mailbox or just curb appeal.

Show us your favorite Mailbox in Maine! Post photos in the comments section!

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