This struck me as extremely interesting. I have never heard of ‘magnet fishing’ before this weekend. Now I want to know all about it.

First a confession: I am not a fisherman. I’ve only tried it twice in my life. First time as a teenager at a friend’s camp. My opinion, sorry fishermen and women, but I found it boring.

Second time, I went was when I lived in Florida and one of my brothers, who is a big time fisherman, came to visit. One of my buddies in Florida is also a big time fisherman. So I got him to come along because he had all the gear and we fished off the Fishing Pier at the old bridge that was replaced by the Skyway Bridge. Gorgeous vista by the way.

Back to magnet fishing. There was a story out of Westbrook, Maine on WGME TV on the weekend about a group of Mainers "magnet fishing." So, I talked to Paul Wolfe about it, and he knows people who "magnet fish" in this area often. He said “And they’ve pulled up some interesting things, worth money” Big time Fisherman Paul tell me more. "Magnet Fishing is addictive."

The guys in Westbrook are doing it to make the rivers in Maine cleaner. They’ve pulled up trash, shopping carts, scooters,  and numerous bikes.  Then they have it properly disposed of. Did I tell you I really like this idea?

Now on to my 3rd fishing expedition. Magnet fishing some weekend soon.  “Please, Paul, Please. I promise I’ll keep quiet so I don’t scare away the prey.

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