While not filmed in the Maine town, it was the partial setting for a fictional brutal murder in a new episode of American Horror Stories.

The quaint Downeast town of Machiasport was the partial setting of a new episode of the FX show American Horror Stories. The new episode, "Necro," aired Thursday, September 1, and is available to stream via Hulu. The new installment of the anthology series, follows a young mortician, who's mother was brutally bludgeoned to death with a hammer. The episode is described as: "A young mortician discovers the living are more terrifying than the dead." 

The disturbing story begins showing the main character, Sam, as young child. Cereal is strewn all over the floor as the camera slowly moves to the site of her mother's dead body. The trauma of watching her mother die follows Sam (Madison Iseman) into her adult life, as she works as a mortician. More about Sam's mother's death is revealed near the end of the episode. We don't want give the whole show away, so we'll stop there.

The long and short of the episode's connection to Maine is essentially that the fictional murder takes place in Machiasport. The episode was not filmed in Maine.

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American Horror Stories, "Necro," is now streaming on FX via Hulu. The episode is part of season two of the American Horror Story spin-off anthology series. The show is rated TV-MA.

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