Look at this mind-blowing property!

Brambletye is located at 6 East Road in Greenville and includes 256+ acres that stretch along the side of Moosehead Lake. The views are just awesome and the sky just seems to go on forever with the tops of Little and Big Moose Mountains, and Mt. Kineo off in the distance.

The enchanting 15,470-square-foot recently renovated estate house was built back in 1938 and includes six bedrooms and 12 baths, with its own enclosed and heated swimming pool. And, if you're a golfer it just doesn't get any better than this as the property includes a nine-hole pro golf course.

There are seven ponds across the estate, a three-car garage, and 14 horse stables with an indoor riding arena as well! Wooded trails surround the property which is not only perfect for horseback riding but for hiking, mountain biking, or cross country skiing.

There's certainly enough room on the grounds for any sort of party. Just rent a tent and throw the wedding of a lifetime!

The property is listed on Zillow at $12,850,000 by LandVest, Inc.

Look Inside The Most Expensive Home Currently For Sale In Maine

Brambletye is located at 6 East Road in Greenville and includes 256+ acres that stretch along the side of Moosehead Lake. Take a look around this impressive estate, which at $12.85 million is currently the most expensive home for sale in Maine.

Take A Look Inside The Least Expensive Home For Sale In Maine

Take a peek inside and out of this very slammin' and radical property, and if you find it to be totally off the hook, then hook up with the realtor for the lowdown.

Stay In This Maine Airbnb Complete With A Caboose

This train is going nowhere and that's all right with us.

Wow, take a peek at this Airbnb listed at $140 a night in Knox, right down the road in Waldo County. This cool and unique little setting featuring a cabin and caboose is located on farmland and can sleep up to 8 people. With 3 bedrooms and two baths, it's listed at $140 a night and looks like it would be a whole lot of fun.

The caboose itself was a working train car and part of the Maine Central Railroad up until 1992. Just imagine the train workers that stayed within it and the miles that it racked up all across Maine.

How could you not love a stay where chances are that you may interact with an emu and a Great Pyrenees Belly dog?

And the caboose looks to come in real handy if you have kids, who can sleep there while you have the cabin all to yourselves!

95% of the guests that have stayed here have given it a 5-star rating so sign us up! Let's take a peek.


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