I'm pretty sure there's a large percentage of us that fully believe we live on the worst road in the state. But have you considered the possibility, even for a second, that there could be a road worse than yours?

We've heard all sorts of tales this spring about how bad the roads are. Some towns have so many potholes, there seems to be more pothole than road. Other towns have dirt roads that have become nearly impassable from mud. Heck, up in the county today, they're having white-out blizzardy conditions on some of their roads. So it's hard not to feel like Mother Nature is out to get us.

Well, the Maine Better Transportation Association is looking to do something about it. They're having a contest right now, until May 1st, and they want to know the location of the absolute worst road in Maine. If they determine your submission is the finest example of the worst kind of road, you'll win $529!

Does that number seem oddly specific? It is. According to the MBTA this figure was arrived at because,

That is the amount researchers have estimated that every Maine resident pays in extra maintenance, repairs and accident costs due to bad roads.

Maine Better Transportation Association President Pat Sughrue also had this to add in a press release from the MBTA:

This winter has been brutal on Maine roads, and it really highlights just how far behind we have gotten in maintaining them as well as we should be. The fact is, the longer we delay in fixing our roads, the more money it costs drivers every day in extra car repairs, gasoline, time and frustration.

All you have to do to enter, is complete the contest entry form. It will need to include the route number / road name, and the town where the road in question is located. Also make sure to add a brief explanation of how this road has continually wrecked your car / world, as well as submit a photo at the MBTA website. There is absolutely no cost to you to enter the contest, other than a bit of your time.

And hey... You could win $529! I know, I know. For all we've been through, I'm sure on the inside you feel like the state should give you $529 million, but we gotta start somewhere. Besides, now you have proof that someone, somewhere is listening to how you feel about your crappy road. So enter now and show them what's up!

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