Cindy Campbell from The Q106.5 Morning Show has said one set of call letters for about 35 years. But that’s about to change. For a limited engagement Cindy will be a deejay at WXMAS. Haven’t heard of that radio station? No it’s not a station in our cluster. Cindy, along with a guy’s name you may not know, but his voice you sure will are both going to appear on WXMAS. The guy is Q106.5’s Production Manager Thom Osborne. He is the voice of many, many, many, many commercials that you hear on radio and television all over Maine. They both are a part of Some Theatre Company at The Bangor Mall’s Christmas show.

The name of the Christmas Show is ‘Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some)’. It’ll be performed December 10th through December 13th. Both Evening and Matinee performances. Tickets here. 

Some Theatre Company have held live indoor productions since the pandemic and want you to know the actors and crew care about your safety. Socially distancing is in effect and they’re meeting the Covid-19 prevention checklist. And there’s nothing like live, local theatre especially this time of year.

Listen to Some Theatre Company cast member Julia Cooke and tell me you don’t agree it's a great sense of community.

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