I'm sure it's no surprise, even in this day and age, that children are not the only ones who could occasionally use a leg-up on their reading skills. Folks sometimes enter the work force at young age, or have to drop out of school for whatever reason, and don't always get the reading skills necessary to keep up.

The Literacy Volunteers of Bangor has been combating the problem of illiteracy in the Bangor area for some 50 years. And right now, they are looking for some help from the community. On Monday, September 24th from 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m., they are hosting a new tutor training course. It's a get-to-know-you sort of presentation that introduces folks to what the program is like and see if it's the type of thing that might suit them.

If a person decides to move forward with the program, there will be four additional training sessions to get you ready to start helping your first student. There is a small program fee of $35 to help offset the cost of the textbook that goes along with the course. But if you can't cover the fee, don't let it stop you, as there are scholarships available to help defray the cost.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, definitely go to their website, LVBangor.org, and check out the process. As well as the FAQ page, which should answer most questions you may have. I know for a fact, they would love to have you, and appreciate every bit of help they can get. And.....you will feel awesome!

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