Police have identified a couple found dead in a burning house in Limington as the suspect's mother and her boyfriend.

Matthew Cote made his first court appearance on Friday, charged with two counts of intentional or knowing murder. WGME-TV reports the victims' names were revealed in court and their connection to Cote. They are identified as Cheryl Cote and Daniel Perkins. All other details of how the couple died or any possible motive has not been released. The judge has ordered a psychological evaluation for Matthew Cote, in the next 60 days.

Fire crews were called to the Hardscrabble Road home early Thursday morning, to a report of a house fire. Witnesses reported seeing police in the area, with guns drawn, shortly after the two bodies were found inside the residence. A 'be on the lookout' order was issued for Matthew Cote, and he was found driving his vehicle a short time later.

Cote faces 25 years to life for each murder charge.

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