Is this a good idea?

A bill submitted by Maine Representative Timothy S. Theriault (R-China) would allow drivers to make a left turn on a red light, providing that the traffic situation was appropriate.

The bill submitted earlier this month titled "An Act To Allow A Motorist To Make A Left Turn At A Red Light Under Certain Conditions"  would actually remake the current law allowing one to make a right turn, adding to it the left turn on red idea and stipulations.

A city or town, or the Maine Department of Transportation would make the determination that would allow one to make a left or a right turn on red, and with caution, the operator of a vehicle could make the turn either way after a complete stop, providing that there is not a sign stating that he or she can not do so.

In making the determination to allow a left turn on red, authorities would take these stipulations into consideration:

A. The proximity to that light of schools, fire stations, residences or institutions for the blind
B. The number of pedestrians using the intersection
C. The complexity of the intersection.

Unlike making a right turn, where you would pull into the lane closest to where you have come to a stop, one would actually be crossing the road into the lane on the other side.

According to Wikpedia, left turn on red is allowable in thirty-seven states, providing that the car is departing from a one-way street, and also entering a one-way street.  Five states allow a left turn onto a one-way street from a two-way street.   Eight states including Maine, currently ban left hand turns on red.

The way the bill is written, it looks like Maine would be the first state to allow a left hand on red from a two-way street onto another two-way street.

What do you think of this bill?



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