The Resource Officer for the Oxford Elementary School joined some sledding students on his own cardboard cruiser.

Why Was He Sledding?

Students at Oxford Elementary School celebrated the week before February break with a variety of fun activities, including a Cardboard Sled Challenge. One of the participants was the school's Resource Officer Steve Cronce.

A Custom Cruiser and a Faceplant?

Officer Steve Cronce definitely knows how to put on a show. Not only did he face-plant, at one point in this video from the Oxford Police Department's Facebook page, but he also had a very specialized piece of cardboard to go sliding with. The single piece of cardboard was labeled as a 'police' vehicle and even featured emergency lights. Okay, so the lights look like they were either a sticker or expertly painted on, but it's still a pretty cool ride for the trip down the hill. Be sure to have your speakers turned up in order to hear the kids cheer him on, calling 'Officer Steve!.' It's obvious that Officer Steve is well-loved at Oxford Elementary School. We do agree with one commenter on the post, however, that he needed a little Armor All on the bottom of that sled.

What are School Resource Officers?

School resource officers do so much more than just offer protection, although that's a big part of the job, making sure the grounds are secure and the students and staff are safe. But they're also in charge of teaching safety to the students and informing them about emergency preparedness. Unfortunately, in today's society, it's important for kids to know more than just which door to exit from during a fire drill.

February 15th was National School Resource Officer Day and Officer Steve is a great example of the good work they do. Thank you to all the Resource Officers in Maine for keeping our kids safe.

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