If you've seen Kenny's new music video, it may make you feel at home. After all, it was filmed here in New England.

Kenny Chesney is no stranger to New England, or Maine for that matter. The Caribbean cowboy has said on numerous occasions how much he loves visiting and playing shows in New England. His fondness is well documented in some songs, including his anthem "Boston." When he plays the song at Gillette Stadium, fans go insane.

Kenny let fans in-on the filming of the music video for his single "Knowing You." In a behind the scenes look, Chesney reveals part of the video was filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The filming was done in November, which Kenny remembers it was unseasonably warm at the time. The weather actually worked in favor of the production, creating a thick fog on the water. "We couldn't have been given a better gift for shooting, because it was so beautiful and dramatic," says Chesney.

Another location worked into the video is Pratty's Bar. Kenny said if he lived in New England you'd see him there in the corner playing music for tips on Friday and Saturday's. The picture of Larry Bird near Kenny in the video was not by accident. Kenny is a huge fan of Larry Legend, and the Boston Celtics. The people in the background of the scene are actual patrons and employee's of the small watering hole.

A moment Kenny says he won't forget was when he and the film crew took the fishing boat in the video far out on the ocean. He says the crew didn't really have much for sea legs, which turned to a few bouts of sea sickness. Woof.

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