This big duck gets around...

At this point, thanks to tons of media coverage, the giant rubber "JOY" duck has become somewhat of a celebrity. It all began a few weeks ago in Belfast, when it just appeared suddenly one morning in the harbor. To this day, no one has come forward to claim the duck as their own.

But quickly, the duck became the talk of the town. Then the local news, and then even the national news. In a very short time, this giant avian water fowl became everyone's best friend. But then as quickly as it showed up, it was gone. But only because of fears that Storm Henri would take it out to sea. We all know this is a tub duck....

Then, Joy decided to spread it's wings to a new spot.

An anonymous letter was sent to the Belfast Harbormaster at the time, and implied that the duck may appear somewhere else, at some point. No one really expected it would happen so quickly, but yesterday, the duck was spotted off the coast of Islesboro, near Crow Cove, according to Fox ABC Maine. Once again, there was Joy in the world.

It definitely has people wondering where the giant prophylactic floater will end up next. Is this big duck pretty much going on tour? Will it end up in Belfast, Ireland next? Only time can tell. But it seems that Joy is ready to be on the big, blue, watery road for as long as it takes. Spreading Joy isn't easy. But not when you're a giant rubber duck.

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