Jimmie's is an old tradition in the Brewer area. When I was a wee lad, it was called Dud's. And it was a big deal when we would make the trek out to camp, and mom would pull over for ice cream. I had a coffee milk shake every time. So to this day, every so often, I pull into Jimmie's and grab a coffee shake and head out to the lake.

But sadly, it's that time of year again, and Jimmie's is gonna shut 'er down for the season. You've still got some time, as they're not going to close the doors for the year until October 31st. After lunch that day though, it's over til spring. It always kind of bums me out, though. Sure I can go get ice cream at some chain store, but I'd always rather give the local guy my cash.

So get over to Jimmie's. Like, now. Have some lunch. Have some ice cream. Have it all. Because otherwise, you're waiting til spring, bub.


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