Town officials in Jackman voted unanimously to fire the controversial town manager for his separatist views.

Tom Kawczynski came under scrutiny after making comments bashing Islam and calling for the preservation of white European heritage in Northern New England. In addition, he operates a website that encourages racial segregation, stating that it's time for Americans to admit the country was built by white Christian men.

Residents took to social media, demanding that the Town Manager be fired for his views that they felt reflected badly on the community. Kawczynski told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he's 'unabashedly pro-white,' but feels that his views have been misinterpreted. He went on to say that he plans to continue making the case for what he called 'white civil rights.'

The vote was unanimous at a closed door session of town officials yesterday to fire Kawczynski, who's held the job of Town Manager since June, a position that paid $49,000 a year. Kawczynski was given a $30,000 severance package, and signed an agreement that says he won't sue the town. He added that he was removing the townspeople from unwanted scrutiny, but was not surrendering his right to express his First Amendment rights, including the right to have controversial opinions.

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