It's a big win for one Mainer who played the Powerball in October, even though it's not in the billions.

According to a press release from the Maine State Lottery, Carol Enos of West Enfield won $2,000,000 in October when she bought her ticket at the Handy Stop in Howland. That may not be the top prize, but $2M is nothing to sneeze at!

The Handy Stop got a $20,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Close up of lottery ticket with a marked numbers and a pencil

You don't often see $2 million dollar Powerball wins in the news, which is kind of crazy. I remember when Tri-State Megabucks began in the '80s in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The top prize for getting all the numbers was in the low millions and still is to this day, with jackpots starting at $1M. Now, it seems the big billion-dollar jackpots are what everyone talks about.

Maybe you remember this 1988 Tri-State Megabucks commercial that featured Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host, Robin Leach. With no winner, that week's jackpot was $2,000,000.

This just goes to show that you can win a lot of money if you don't hit the jackpot. Ray Pendleton of Camden won $500,000 playing the “50X The Cash” game in October, buying his ticket from Village Variety in Camden.

The Maine State Lottery says that In all, 38 players won $10,000 or more in Maine Lottery games in October, for a total of $4,339,045 out of the total payout to all Maine Lottery game winners for the month of $24,808,922.

Like the old Tri-State Megabucks commercial says, we can all "Just Imagine."

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