Hey Bangor, food truck season is here once again!

This is such an exciting time of the year. The weather is warming up, concerts are coming to Bangor, people are getting outdoors again, and best of all, food trucks are popping up again around the Bangor area.

While we wait to hear which food trucks will occupy the coveted spots on the Bangor Waterfront, other local trucks are starting to get things cooking (no pun intended) for the year.

I can't lie, I have a fairly huge obsession with food trucks. I really get obsessed when there are multiple trucks in one space at the same time, so it goes without saying that I have spent more than a few days on the Waterfront, and other local spots grabbing lunch.

My dream is to host a reality show, where I travel the country, trying out the best food trucks in every state. Unfortunately, Netflix won't return my calls. Kidding...

One of my absolute favorites, JJ's Jerk Shack kicks off their 2024 season, serving up Jerk Chicken Rice Bowls. Caribbean Style Chicken, and Smoked Hot Dogs, outside of Sprague's Nursery & Garden Center, located at 1664 Union Street, in Bangor. Delicious doesn;t even begin to describe how good their food is.

You can grab lucnh there today & tomorrow, from 11am-2pm, and all throughout the coming months.

If you can't make it this week, follow their Facebook page to find out when they will be out there, serving up some incredible jamaican jerk chicken.

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