Bottoms Up! It's five o'clock somewhere...

The people who work for a a website called Taste of Home, may have the ultimate dream jobs! They travel across the United States, giving you their opinion on the best dishes, recipes, and for our purposes here today, cocktails.

From well-known historic drinks, to beverages known only by the locals in any town, they break it all down, state by state, and give you their choice for the ultimate State of Maine cocktail.

The winner is:

The Maine Moxie Beach Bum

If you live outside New England, you may never have heard of Moxie, our beloved soda, that gets a good, or awful reaction out of everyone who has dared to try it.

Not your traditional Beach Bum cocktail, the Maine version mixes Moxie, with a lime, and rum, for a unique 207 twist on a rum & coke.

A traditional Beach Bum cocktail features the following:

2 ounces coconut rum
1 ounce amaretto
8 ounces fresh orange juice
1 ounce grenadine

As for our other friends in New England, the drinks of choice were very different.

Massachusetts-The Boston Flip
Flips are a very old category of cocktail, one made rich and creamy with the addition of a raw egg, shaken until frothy. The Boston Flip calls for bourbon or rye, Madeira, sugar, and an egg.

New Hampshire- Apple in the Dark
It’s similar to an old fashioned, but with an autumnal taste thanks to apple-infused Scotch and pine-flavored bitters.

However, we can't talk about Maine cocktails, without mentioning "The Burnt Trailer"

This drink has been on the menu for years at The Great Lost Bear in Portland and might be the most Maine-ish cocktail ever. It is pretty simple, one part Allen's Coffee Brandy, two parts Moxie.

Fire up the bar and serve any of these libations at your next get together, and that party will be an instant hit. Or, you could ask your favorite bartender to make one for you!

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