What is Maine's choice in the Super Bowl of water bottles?

Did you ever think there would mass hysteria over water bottles? Me either, but I still scratch my head over people waiting in a long line for phones, and getting into fist fights during Black Friday.

The social media sensation of the Stanley Cup, which started on TikTok, then took Target by storm in the last few months, has hit a fever pitch.

Let's not forget the Yeti, which is also a damn fine product, and when it comes down to the preference of Mainers, the Yeti comes out on top.

The Stanley Cup craze in particular, has led to some crazy shenanigans at Target stores all across the United States, including a wild scene last month, when shoppers went crazy for a limited edition Valentine's Day cup. Check out the video below of shoppers going crazy, and prepare to be be amazed.

According to Google search data, the Yeti rules the roost in Maine, Texas, Nevada, Washington and Idaho, but the Stanley Cup takes the cake, in an impressive 19 states, including Florida, Wisconsin and Virginia.
Other brands like Brita and Iron Flask, are still wildly popular in many other states.

But for our purposes her today, why don't we break down the two big boys in the room!

The Yeti:

Handles are included on all sizes
The tumbler weighs less
Has a better variety of colors
The straw is extremely durable

The Stanley Cup:

You can enjoy both hot & cold beverages
It has leak proof top that you can use with or without a straw.
You can enjoy both hot & cold beverages
They are shatter proof and resistant to dents

We found some great side by side video reviews of both products

So, the Stanley Cup may have the heat, due to all the viral hype, but according to Google, here in the 207, the Yeti is still king...for now.

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