A 37-year-old man is facing charges after police observed him throwing bags of fentanyl onto a roof.

Who Was Arrested?

Abraham Frederick, whose address is unknown, had two active warrants out for his arrest when Brewer Police Sergeant Zachary Caron and Officer Michael McFadden ran across him on Rinfret Drive, off Eastern Avenue. The warrants were for probation revocation and operating with a license. Caron and McFadden began walking toward the man, who was on foot, telling him to stop.

Why Was He Throwing Stuff On the Roof?

As Frederick moved away from the police, the officers noticed that he was reaching inside his pants and throwing something onto the roof of an apartment building. They caught up to Frederick and took him into custody after a brief struggle. The officers got a ladder to retrieve whatever Frederick had been throwing up on the roof and discovered that it was bags of drugs that were field tested and found positive for fentanyl. Officials say the discarded drugs weighed more than 3 gross grams.

What Charges Does He Face?

The incident took place directly across from a playground on Brewer Housing Authority Property, and approximately 90 feet from a sign that posted the area as a Drug Free Zone, which calls for enhanced penalties for drug trafficking. Frederick was transported to the Penobscot County Jail where he was charged with aggravated furnishing of scheduled drugs, refusing to submit to arrest or detention, and falsifying physical evidence. He was also booked for the outstanding warrants.

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