Careful what you wish for Maine!

As we sit square in the dead of winter here in the State of Maine, there has been some grumbling from people who are upset that we haven't been punched in the face with massive snowstorms(I am not one of them).

With warmer temps and less wind chill today, the possibility of 50 degree day awaits us on Saturday. Is this cool with you? I happen to to think it is fantastic, but there are folks who want their winter fix, of shoveling, slippery driving roads, and misery in general.

In a post on Maine Reddit, Shiloh3245 commented that the long range forecast for February, is looking pretty thin in the white stuff department

I’m trying to stay optimistic concerning snowfall for New England for February. But man, are NOAA’s outlooks and the models making it difficult. We have some chances, but they are few and far between. With odds of anything significant happening pretty low…
byu/Shiloh3245 inMaine

Some other Reddit users chimed in on this topic:


Pretty shi#ty winter thus far, but somehow we've managed to have some snow on ground and winter appeal for almost a month now. At least January was decent snow wise. Temp departures though are ridiculous and can partly explain some of the earlier rain/snow events. Other than the big Dec 18 Rainer, this winter has been an easy one


Glad you had a good time! It's been winter bluebird days up here.

At least it will remain cold-ish for a bit yet.


What I would not give for a huge dump of snow in February...


Bummer. I’m worried my kids missed their one day of sledding this year because we were all sick. I hope we get at least one more storm.


You can be upset all you want but it's February. In a month is going to turn. Temps will rise and the snow will melt. I ain't the least bit upset about this. I would be fine if one big storm was the new normal. This is the first year I didn't get a propane delivery. I kept the house warm with the wood stove only.


Yall, deadly road accidents due to conditions are WAAAAAAAY down this winter compared to average.

I've had to snow blow 3 times. In Northern Maine. Its unheard of. Gotta say, im okay with it.



Hi everyone, March is still to come. We aren’t out of this one yet.


I've only had to pay my plow guy 3x this for those who rely on that money, but I have no complaints.


Lisa’s Pizza is opening next week for the season in OOB. Winter barely happened and I am sure the upcoming season will creep forward like Christmas.

Are you satisfied with our winter so far? Or, would you like to see a good old nor'easter or two, before the Spring of 2024 arrives?

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