Maine's Moxie: Delightful treat?, or tastes like feet?

It's time for another edition Of 'People Trying Moxie For The 1st Time' Yes, The Maine beverage that belongs on "The Island Of Misfit Snacks" gets some new victims to sample the pain, or in some cases, pleasure.

Moxie: Delightful treat?, or tastes like feet?

Nothing is more fun than watching people sample the most controversial soft drink of all time, Maine’s own Moxie. Folks all over the globe have dared to sample this polarizing treat with mixed reviews across the board.

Much like our political divide, the results seem to be split right down the middle. You either love it or hate it. That’s why it is always entertaining to watch someone take a gulp for the first time.

We have rounded up a fresh new batch of videos of people doing their very own taste tests on TikTok and YouTube

If you can't get enough Moxie in your life, each year, you can join Moxie lovers from Maine, the US and abroad, as they celebrate Maine's most famous beverage.

Since 1982, The Moxie Festival is held on the second weekend of July in Lisbon, Maine, with three days of wicked cool events bub!

A sweet drink with a rather funky aftertaste, Moxie is flavored with gentian root extract, which gives it that delightful kick in the shorts that kind of tastes like a medicinal version of Dr. Pepper. Moxie was designated the official soft drink of Maine on May 10, 2005.

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