Miracles truly do happen, and stories of ordinary Maine people striking big off small scratch cards continue to inspire us all!

This recent stroke of luck turned into a life-changing moment for on fortunate Maine man.

Have you ever felt the bittersweetness of almost winning, only to come up short on a scratch card? So many of us have been there, but for James in South Portland, the outcome was far different.

In a twist of fate, James found himself with the winning ticket, and it wasn't a small win.

The Maine Lottery proudly announced James's awesome win, spreading the news of his $60,000 jackpot victory to the public.

Can you imagine walking casually into a store, buying a few items or gassing up your Subaru, and tossing in a scratcher just for the fun of it, only to find that your ordinary day turns into an extraordinary win for you?

I am sure James will never forget this exact day.

It was all thanks to a super crossword scratch card, proving that sometimes, dreams really do come true, even in the most unexpected of places.

The Maine Lottery loves celebrating their winners. After all, you have play to win, right? And as they always say, "Keep it fun. Play responsibly!"

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