I know this question seems like it should not have to be asked at all, but alas, this is something that is indeed "a thing" right now.

Is it illegal to get divorced while your are pregnant?

If you want to know my stance, let me just say that life's too short to be stuck in a sitcom plotline masquerading as law. This is ridiculous to me.

You wouldn't think that it would be illegal or banned to do this, and very few people are aware that in several states, there is in fact a ban on getting a divorced whilst carrying your new angel baby, according to Newsweek.

In a rare legal twist, some states (including Missouri) have laws stopping pregnant wives from divorcing until they have the baby. In addition to that, similar laws exist in Arizona, Arkansas, California, and Texas.

Imagine you are expecting a little bundle of joy, but realize you've also signed up for a lifetime partnership with someone you surely do not want to grow old with.

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Yet, thanks to very old and antiquated laws from 1973, your escape hatch is closed until after the baby shower. This adds insults to stretch marks.

What about my body, my choice?

The Newsweek article features a map that shows you which states ban this and which states do not.

Is it illegal to get divorced in Maine while pregnant?

No, but it's judged, and you will face obstacles.

The map on Newsweek also highlights which states will face hurdles if they want to get a divorce while pregnant. Maine is one of those states.

Why should it matter?

The article states that in states like Maine, local law firms report that judges often refuse to grant divorce petitions during pregnancies.

Democratic State Rep. Ashley Aune filed legislation that could overturn this old Missouri law, saying, "I filed this bill because pregnancy should not be a barrier to leaving a marriage," according to Newsweek.

In a world where we can order food with a swipe, it's mind-boggling to me that states are stuck in a legal time warp.

Let's bid adieu to "cavemen laws" like these, and say hello to common sense, shall we?

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