Sam Hunt released the official music video for "Outskirts," a sentimental tune about a life not lived, this week. The song finds Hunt reminiscing on a past love and imagining the life he would have lived with his former flame.

While the video doesn't tell the story of the song line for line, it features quintessential scenes of the small town life while loosely following a day-in-the-life a man who could be the center of the song's story.

The black-and-white video begins with Hunt and his band showing up for a jam session in a warehouse-type environment. He performs the song for the entirety of the video while small-town scenes flash in and out.

The start of the video also shows a man – around middle age — pulling into town in his 18-wheeler. Eagle-eyed fans will notice he stops at the corner of Montevallo and Main, a nod to Hunt's debut album, Montevallo.

As the clip continues, the man goes about his business in town — doing laundry, getting a haircut, eating at a diner — and walking the streets, possibly recalling past memories.

While Hunt continues to sings about memories of young love, the video shows scenes many small town residents will recognize: A high school car wash, a baseball team warming up for a game, a group of cheerleaders taking to the field.

The video ends with the man in the video packing his bag and rolling out of town — reaching the "Outskirts."

"Outskirts" was released on March 10 and is part of an ongoing batch of songs Hunt has released within the past year. Others include "Start Nowhere," "Walmart" and his latest single, "Water Under the Bridge."

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