It's official: Reba McEntire is returning to scripted television. The country singer and star of Reba has teamed with a few old friends and one modern boyfriend for a show called Happy's Place on NBC.

The new sitcom puts McEntire in a setting fans have not yet seen her conquer.

  • McEntire started as Reba Hart in Reba on WB and CW from 2001 to 2007.
  • Several producers of that show are also working on Happy's Place. Additionally, Melissa Peterman (Barbara Jean) will co-star.
  • Additional cast (per Variety) includes Pablo Castelblanco, Tokala Black Elk (1883), Belissa Escobedo and McEntire's boyfriend, Rex Linn.

Here is everything we know about Happy's Place, including the plot, cast, list of main characters and premiere date. A trailer for the show was revealed on May 14:

What Is Reba's New Sitcom About?

Happy's Place finds McEntire playing Bobbie, a woman who inherits a restaurant from her father. Soon she discovers a half-sister (Escobedo) she never knew she had. The two become unlikely business partners; in real life, McEntire is 69 and Escobedo is 25, so it's safe to expect some generation gap humor.

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Linn and Peterman's roles (see below) position each to share the screen with the show's star often. That could give the show a head start, given their on and off-screen chemistry.

Since the end of Reba, Peterman and McEntire have toured together and filmed many comedic social media clips together. Their timing is still very sharp.

Linn (formerly of CSI: Miami) appeared alongside McEntire in a made-for-TV movie called The Hammer and on ABC's Big Sky. One hopes that if the two are lovers in Happy's Place, they reach a different conclusion than they did on Big Sky, where McEntire's Sunny kills husband Buck (Linn).

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Happy's Place Cast and Main Characters:

The cast and characters on Happy's Place represent a diverse set of backgrounds. Here's what's known, courtesy of several media outlets, including TVLine.

Reba McEntire as Bobbie: The star of Happy's Place is "less than thrilled" to be inheriting her father's business.
Belissa Escobedo as Isabella: Bobbie's twenty-something half-sister is thrilled to be working at the tavern. The psychology student is full of energy, smart and creative.
Melissa Peterman as Gabby: Gabby is a bartender at the restaurant. She's described as needy and dramatic and secretly wishing she was Bobbie's sister.
Rex Linn as Emmett: A cook at Happy's Place.
Tokala Black Elk as Takoda: A waiter at the tavern.
Pablo Castelblanco as Steve: An accountant.

Happy's Place picture

When Does Reba's Happy's Place Start?

Happy's Place was just a pilot until NBC ordered the series for the 2024-2025 broadcast season. No premiere date has been announced yet. Typically, new shows begin in the fall.

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