Bartenders work hard not only pouring and serving drinks but also acting as a friendly face and sometimes even a therapist of sorts. So it only seems right that they have a day dedicated to them.

Photo, Bartender via Getty Images
Photo, Bartender via Getty Images

People go to bars for many different reasons. To hangout with friends, to relieve stress after a long day, to relax on a day off, or to meet potential dates are a few of the reasons someone might go to a bar and bartenders have to adjust and accommodate the scenario. Because a bartender's wages are mostly made from tips the relationship they build with the customer is just as important as mixing a drink right.

Bartenders have the challenging task of remembering numerous mixed drinks, their different names and mixture measurements. Everything about a drink down to the glass it is served in has to be prepared properly and served as fast as possible in order to satisfy a customer making the job very stressful at times. Add a highly intoxicated bar patron to the mix and the job only gets harder. Bartenders have to know the laws for serving as well. Is someone too young, drunk, or reckless?

In recent years bar tending has morphed into an art form with many bartenders going above and beyond to keep patrons entertained with things like pouring tricks and bottle tossing called "flair" bar tending. There are now contests every year for the best flair bartender all over the world. The video below shows a very fast bartender flairing it up in Las Vegas all while having a dollar bill stuck to his bald head. That's one way to keep an audience entertained!

So celebrate your favorite bartender today! If you are the type to confide in your bartender and go to them with your problems over a drink, today you should pay them a visit and ask about their troubles. If you have a bartender you particularly enjoy let them know today by giving them a little extra for a tip. If you don't have a favorite bartender but appreciate the job they do just be sure to give an extra "Thank you". Sincere appreciation can go a long way!

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