Pretty nasty isn't it? This weekend, I was witness to one of the craziest displays of nature that I have seen in a long time. I mean, this has just been the nuttiest spring/summer startup I feel like we've had in years. Ticks are out of control, mosquitoes and black flies are absolutely horrendous. And if you have allergies, especially to pollen, forget it.

I bring that point up specifically, because the amount of pollen that I saw collecting on anything that wasn't moving for more than 20 minutes, was truly staggering. When I got to my camp on Saturday morning, I sat and had a cup of coffee with my mom, and she was telling me how she'd just gotten her car washed the day before, and to look at it now!

Photo: J Stew
Photo: J Stew

So naturally, I took a quick walk down to the dock to check out the water, because that's always a tell tale sign of how bad the pollen is. Lo and behold, the water nothing but a greenish-yellow slick, as evidenced by the cover-photo. But seriously... it was crazy! We've had our camp for over 50 years, and I've never seen anything like this. Ever.

Luckily for me, I don't suffer from that kind of allergy. Dust kills me, but for some reason, the pollen doesn't get me that bad. But when it's so thick that it's blowing through the screens, and getting a fine layer all over things indoors, it just feels like one more way Mother Nature is trying to punish us.

Maybe we don't have earthquakes, and tornadoes, and poisonous snakes. But we get our own small-time tragedies with the bugs and the pollen. And that's enough. Grab the tissues, and hope for the best, kids.

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