I've lived in Maine my whole life, and there's one thing that hasn't ever really sat well with me. Since I own a camp, I have to go out a lot and shovel off the roof, to make sure it doesn't cave under the weight of the snow. Often, there are folks ice fishing out on the lake. And sometimes, much to my fright, I see people drive their cars right out onto the ice.

I know it's nothing new around these parts, but it has just never really seemed safe to me. I know if the ice is thick enough, it's totally safe, but you're also talking to a guy who's afraid of being attacked by a shark in the shower. (It's a real thing....stop judging)

In case you ever wanted to know what was safe and what wasn't, when it comes to ice thickness, the Maine Fire & Rescue Facebook page put a an extremely helpful graphic. Check it out:

Via the Maine Fire & Rescue Facebook page
Via the Maine Fire & Rescue Facebook page

Now, it often gets cold enough for a long period of time, that we do develop this kind of ice thickness, making it totally safe to drive your vehicle out on the ice. But, this time of year, even with the look of winter in the air from all the snow we've gotten, it's probably barely safe to walk on.

Ultimately, it's your call. All I can do is hand you the information and hope you choose to do the right thing. We do have highly trained individuals for helping you out in a bind, but let's keep them safe too. But otherwise, get out there and enjoy! Soon enough we'll be swapping photos some wicked big togue bub!!!

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