I love to go ice fishing. I really do. We'll ignore the fact that I haven't been in about 25 years, but I really do love it. And honestly, I've never had the luxury of a shack to take refuge in from all the cold weather. Granted, I have a camp, so we could build a fire on shore, or sit inside to get away from the wind.

But I've got buddies with shacks, and they all look ridiculously pimp. I've seen heaters in them, cook stoves, all sorts of things. Especially things that seem like they might compromise the integrity of the ice, yet somehow never do. However, your ice shack might be in danger if it's still out there right now.

State game wardens have been trying to warn anyone who'll listen, that the ice conditions are becoming sketchy at best. We've had a couple stretches of good, warm weather, and the ice is getting thinner every day. And looking ahead at the forecast, there's a lot of warm, seasonal weather on the way, which will make it even harder, the longer you wait.

Right now, one of the big challenges is that the sun is beating right down on the blocks that most anglers use to mount and secure their shacks. With the sun shining right down on them, shacks can become unstable on their blocks and slip off. So the hazards are pretty varied, especially if you're new to the sport.

So keep your eye on the forecast, and hope that if yours is still out there somewhere, that the chilly weather holds out just long enough so you can pull your shack to shore, instead of fishing it out of the pond!

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