Let's get the obvious joke out of the way....

Does this guitar sound like s**t?!

You know what? I don't even care. This bizarre, musical Frankenstein of a guitar had my attention immediately. It's nice and chrome-y, and well put together. But....It's a bed pan!!! Where do you even get that kind of inspiration? Well, thanks to a post on the Maine Musician Buy And Sell Facebook page, we know that the inspiration exists.

To be fair, I've seen a ton of unheard of musical creations over the years. I've seen an upright bass made from a drawer and strung with clothesline. I've seen a guitar made from an old gas can. Plus, countless indescribable homemade instruments that were basically just sins against nature.

Here's a couple photos of this beast. Check it out:

Bed Pan Guit-Fiddle

This is right up there, though. But I have to admit, even though I'm a drummer, I'd really love to hear  what it sounds like. If you're a musician looking at this, I guarantee you're having the same feelings of mild fear, and intense curiosity as well. So maybe you six-stringers should make an offer, and then shoot some sweet video of you rocking your socks off with this crazy, beautiful instrument.

I'll be here, anxious to see and hear this delightful monstrosity being played!

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