Ugh. It just never stops right now. Every five seconds, there's another new ridiculous piece of legislation headed before the state government. If it's not whether kids can wear sunscreen, or doing away with car inspections, to now.... Defining which type of chickadee is our state bird, says WGME - TV13.

Seriously? This has got to be the legislative version of Movie Day in grade school. Imagine getting ready for work and telling your spouse with a straight face, "I have to go vote on whether the State Bird is a chickadee or a chickadee today." But that's what Skowhegan Rep. Betty Austin is proposing in LD-572.

Do you really think the congressperson from your district should be taking valuable time out of their day, to listen to a small, but obviously vocal minority, about which tiny bird best represents our state? But just look at them! They both have little black heads, so where is the problem here?

Though they are slightly distinguishable, is it really necessary to hash this out on a state level? This actually needs time on the docket? I suppose the other option could be to hold a super expensive referendum and let voters decide. Ugh. I find it silly. Someone needs to pass legislation that keeps frivolous pieces of "governing" out of the way.

But hey... Far be it for me to infringe on anybody's wildly silly right to vote on something so arbitrary. So here you go. Let your voice be heard! Should we change the state bird from the chickadee, to the chickadee? Or should we just pull our heads out of our cloacas, and get some real work done?

Vote below!

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