Well, the short answer is not likely. But... there are signs that point to certain areas of the state running a bit low on trees. But wait a second... We live in the Pine Tree State. How could this even be happening? There are a few simple factors at play that could influence the market, according to the BDN.

A few years ago, there was a pretty significant spike in the sale of fake trees. After a couple of off seasons, tree farmers around the state began planting fewer trees. And since trees take their sweet time to grow, an average of 6-8 years for a proper Christmas tree, there can be a consequence for making changes.

The unexpected change is that millennials are showing a pretty strong preference toward real trees. Most places just started offering trees this week, and there's already been some pretty brisk activity.

If this keeps up, next year could be a similar situation. Eventually, it will even out. If sales keep up, farmers will plant more trees. So it's not like Christmas is in any real danger of being canceled. Or you just be a grinch like me and buy a fake tree. Always looks great, always ready to go. And no mess!

At any rate, go get one. The worst case, you might end up with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Would that be so bad?

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