If you and I have met, or you have been to my personal Facebook page, you may have noticed I have a fair number of tattoos. I have a full sleeve, a half sleeve, some assorted bits scattered about the rest of my body. Nothing serious or distasteful. Other than my first leg tattoo from more than 20 years ago when tribal tats were still all the rage. I have an art piece, and my full sleeve is all Simpsons characters. Needless to say, the needles are no stranger to me.

Maybe you've had an urge to get your first tattoo, or want something small to fit perfectly in the little bit of space you have left in one spot. I have a couple little nooks and crannies of blank flesh that could use a bit of color. What if you could add a little bit of semi-painful pizzazz to your body and help out a great cause at the same time?

Well....Check this out! Diversified Ink in Bangor is doing just that. On June 13th from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., they are hosting a tattoo fundraiser to help the fight against Lyme Disease! There are 15 different designs you can choose from for $50 a piece. They're all to be done in black and grey with a touch of green if desired.

Photo: Diversified Ink via Facebook
Photo: Diversified Ink via Facebook

There's some cute little animals like a raccoon or a possum. There's a deer antler with a green ribbon on it. There's an outline of the State of Maine. Definitely, there is a little something for everybody. And besides, the proceeds are going to Maine Lyme, and a local boy who is battling the disease. I think at this point, almost all of us know someone who is affected by Lyme Disease, if not having it yourself, so here's a great chance to help some folks out. and you get a sweet tattoo in the process.

The only "catch" is that it's first come, first served. And, the designs are set. No alterations. But they're small pieces that you could certainly add onto later if you felt like it. So maybe we'll bump into each other in line to get one of these killer tats. Maybe you can also hold my hand while I squeal like a little girl. I'd appreciate it.

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