I do understand that there are plenty of folks out there who don't believe climate change or global warming are a real threat, and I'm not here to debate that point, so we'll start right there. And I am not saying you are wrong, because I'm no scientist. However, I am a believer in climate science, and if you are too, read on. If not, no big whoop, and I hope you have a great day!

But I caught a headline in my Facebook feed the other day, via WGME - TV13,  that really grabbed my attention. It said that by 2080, Bangor Maine could have annual weather that feels more like Rahway, New Jersey, near Staten Island, New York. Now... considering even though most of us have been dealing with Maine winters our whole lives, there are plenty of us, who informally, would love to trade winters with them.

They would tend to be more rainy than snowy, but our summer temps would also suffer in the same way. We'd have an annual rise of over 7 degrees. So let's say the average July day is 75 degrees, our average daily temp in July would go up to 82 degrees. And never mind that our humidity levels would likely also follow suit.

It would also lead to some pretty catastrophic rises in ocean temps as well, potentially devastating our entire lobster industry, because baby lobsters can't survive those kinds of warm waters, and it would drive the adult population deeper, and harder to catch. Farmers would benefit on one hand from a longer growing season, but due to the temperature rise, drought would become increasingly problematic.

Now again, if you're not a believer in climate change/science, I totally understand. And you what? I honestly hope all this research is totally wrong. I will not be sad if it turned out global warming was just a big hoax. Until then though, let's perhaps trust what science tells us, and try to keep our planet a bit more down to Earth.



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