Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner. Love how America stops for a 4 day weekend and we gather and count our blessings. And yeah, gather for that meal. Some eat not long after Noon, some an early dinner time, and others a more formal, later dinner time.

No matter the time when we eat, most of us are all eating basically the same foods. Turkey, Stuffing or Dressing, Mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean and other casseroles, a variety of vegetables, and bring on those other items too. Like Salad.

Thanksgiving not the same

You responded when we asked on The Morning Show.

First, the head shaking and the inspiration for such a survey began when I read the same article that was cited here

In a national survey when asked what their favorite side dish was most states #1 answer was Mashed Potatoes. Rolls as an answer was popular. Stuffing too. And on and across the survey similar answers. Maine’s #1 side according to that survey?  Side salad.

Side salad?  Seriously.

A salad is something I eat every day. Vegetables are good for me. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, how many of us Mainers would say side salad is the favorite.

Questioning those results too, here’s the unofficial, but much more correct survey regarding Maine’s favorite side dish we’ll eat tomorrow. We asked. You answered.

Heather M’s answer is what Thanksgiving is all about. Family and Tradition. Her answer

“Husband's nana's Sweet Potato Casserole. We've made it every year since she passed away, keeping the tradition alive.”

bhofack2, ThinkStock
bhofack2, ThinkStock

Stephanie M likes

“Cranberry Sauce and stuffing. It's the one time a year I get to eat it because my husband hates both of them and I am not going to cook it just for me.”

Jamie S:

“Stuffing! Little crispy from the birdie”

Linda W picked stuffing as her favorite too.

“My day isn't complete without it. And it is the only time of year I eat it.”

Brent Hofacker/ Getty Stock Think Stock

I think that’s true for most of us.  Stuffing is a treat, and we only get it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe that’s why it’s still a special treat. We don’t eat it very often.

Tricia C said:

“Peanut brittle pudding”

And I wondered how do you make it.

“Grind up the peanut brittle and add heavy whipping cream that’s been blended until thick. Family tradition”

Why can’t we be in that family.  Did I just say that out loud?

On with the survey Adam G replies

“Candied Hams”

Is that a Typo or is there such a thing.  Honey baked ham, yes. But do you mean candied yams.

Have you ever had these at your dinner?

Janice H:  Creamed onions

Lacey C: “Stuffed Celery, & brown sugar covered carrots”

Audrey E: “Gravy”

Should be a beverage.

Thanks to all and we’re happy to report in our survey the most loved and most looked forward to items are the traditions that are near and dear to our individual families.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Count your blessings and hug your family.

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