This morning I must announce I am questioning myself.

Cyber Monday has come and gone.  And I didn’t buy anything. Not one stinking thing.

Not that unusual, but you think yesterday of all days I couldn’t come up with something to purchase.

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Please don’t judge. Don’t point and stare if you see me.  Especially if I’m coming out of a store empty handed.

Not that I am itching to spend money. But Cyber Monday has so many great purchases to be had and for a lower price than today, or the day before yesterday.

Late yesterday afternoon I was questioning myself and wondering why I couldn’t at least find the inspiration to go on-line and, I don’t know, buy some toilet paper to hoard at least. There had to be something that would inspire me to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. But no.

Then I started to wonder what Susan Alfond bought on Cyber Monday. Not that she has to search for bargains, or be inspired because advertisers have sold us on ‘Cyber Monday is cool and everyone should shop from work and buy stuff on company time’.

To complete the circle of thought, I wondered if I was indeed as wealthy as Susan Alfond would I then find stuff I just had to buy simply because it was Cyber Monday and ‘nobody should go home empty handed.’

Conclusion, if you didn’t have a list of must haves, and you scrolled Amazon and nothing ‘spoke to you’ and you didn’t do the American thing and buy something yesterday, is the take away Materialism doesn’t do it for me.

Or are we right back at it today, and searching for the latest, greatest must have item, that we didn’t know we needed, or wanted.

Sure hope you did well yesterday. And ditto for today. Either way.

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