I really did. I saw that today was National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, and decided to partake. I just cleared my home screen of a bunch of useless junk that's been sitting on there for about 19 months. Photos I could care less about, old scripts from commercials I read two years ago...

What's on your desktop? Old PDF's that you haven't looked at in about 14 weeks? Attachments from an email you from your kids while they were at summer camp? Is there anything there you really need?

I know when I was done madly deleting all sorts of garbage, I was filled with quite a sense of fulfillment. And it took maybe ten minutes. There's nothing like a brief historical tour through your most useless things, to realize how much we hang onto stuff we don't need. And that's just your computer desktop.

Think about how it translates to the rest of your life. What if you walked into your garage and went at cleaning that out with the same vim and vigor? What if you decided to fold that human-sized pile of laundry? What if you treated the sink full of dishes a defeat-able enemy? The choice is yours.

My guess, is that like me, you'll be out of breath enough, just from clearing your virtual desktop. But hey, it was fun to dream for a minute, right? To dream of a world where things were tidy, and where people cleaned up after themselves? Don't give up on that sweet dream.

Or, just fire up Netflix and watch The Office again. That's what I did.

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