How many times have you been driving around a neighborhood, or walking the dog, or whatnot, and noticed one of these cute little things?

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Personally, I think the Little Free Libraries are a dandy idea. Anything that promotes reading is awesome. It's among one of my favorite ways to kill time. For instance, right now I'm reading the biography of the North Pond Hermit, Christopher Knight. Fascinating book. How that guy managed to survive in the Maine woods for 27 years by stealing odds and ends from closed up camps, I'll never quite fully comprehend.

But that's not really the point here. There's one of these tiny delights in my neighborhood, and I have yet to pull a book from it's shelves, as I've been waiting to finish my Hermit book. That way I have something to contribute to the library. But, it really got me wondering how many of these libraries there are? Around the Bangor area, we have approximately 13 of the tiny tome holders. There are likely a few that aren't registered at, so it may not be 100% accurate, but check out the map for yourself, so you can see if there's one near you!

There's also a ton of helpful info at the website, should you want to build your own Little Free Library. you can also source books for it through there too. Overall, I'd say it's an almost complete and total resource for everything you'd want to know about the little buggers. So why not have one in your yard? You may find yourself on a whole new adventure getting to know some of your neighbors, and be able to connect through the joy of reading!