Cold enough for ya?

High in the teens today, and wind chills nowhere close to that. Do you eat ice cream when it’s this cold? Not sitting on a park bench somewhere, but just in general. Or is ice cream a summertime only treat. Some eat ice cream no matter if it’s brutally hot outside, or down right frigid.

Cold Stone Creamery just released their annual list of Top 10 Most Loved Flavors. Their brand of ice cream is available in Maine at Tim Horton’s.

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No way could Las Vegas handicap the results. After reading the headline “Cold Stone Creamery Reveals Top 10 Most Loved Flavors” do you try to figure out the #1 flavor in your head before looking at their list? I sure do. And I know in many many ice cream popularity surveys Vanilla is number one and Chocolate is number two, or vice-versa.

Not in this survey. Chocolate comes in second and French Vanilla is third. If you are a traditionalist and think maybe strawberry came in first, strawberry is down the list at number seven. The list is here. Before I get to #1 let’s channel Kix Brooks, Lon Helton and Casey Kasem and count them down. At number ten Cotton Candy. But Cold Stone Creamery admitted that flavor is not at every store. Number 9 is Classic Cookie Dough. Mint is number 8. Coffee at 6. Cheesecake is 5. 4 is sweet cream. Leaving us with the big reveal, Numbero Uno on Cold Stone Creamery’s Top 10 Most Loved Flavors… Cake Batter. Seriously. And if you’re thinking “I don’t think I’ve every had that flavor of ice cream” I’m saying “No way have I ever tried, nor heard of cake batter ice cream”

However if it’s not so cold today that my car won’t start, I’ll get some and report back to you.

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