With Veteran’s Day,the day we honor military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces approaching, let’s start the salute now

House in the Woods is a military and family retreat on Skunk Hill Road in Lee. It was started by Paul and Dee House in 2007.

Courtesy House in the Woods
Courtesy House in the Woods


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They attended the military memorial service in Fort Hood, Texas for their son Joel House and 19 other soldiers from his army base who died the same month. Sgt Joel House was killed by a roadside bomb while serving in the Army in Iraq.

Their vision for House in the Woods began shortly after

Paul House remembers

“It was both emotionally overwhelming and comforting to be around so many families who were experiencing the same grief and loss”

Paul is a life long Maine woodsman and Maine Master Guide.

House in the Woods is a nonprofit organization offering outdoor programs to bring together active military, veterans and their family members to relax, share, bond and deal with the stress, loss, grief and other emotions.

This time of year the focus is on hunting and nature tours plus other natural resources in Maine.

As you might imagine, this whole project is costly and requires constant fund raising to keep their dream alive and functioning.

Here is an opportunity to learn more, meet the players, and have a free cup of coffee while doing so.

First, we haven’t mentioned Turbo. Turbo is the House in the Woods mascot and tracking dog for the veteran retreats and also the therapy dog for the military men and women who stay at House in the Woods. Here is Turbo

Courtesy House in the Woods
Courtesy House in the Woods

And he has his own coffee.
Turbo Burst coffee brings people together for a chat over a cup, but also raises funds which go directly to sponsor all the free veteran retreats.

Bags of Turbo Boost coffee are available at various locations for purchase

Okay, back to that free cup of coffee.  You are invited to have a cup of Turbo Boost coffee and meet Paul House, and of course Turbo the tracking dog. There are 2 chances. This Friday at Whitney’s Outfitters in Lincoln between 9 and 11 a.m. Or Sunday morning from 8 to 10 a.m. at Aubuchon Hardware in Lincoln.

Paul gets the last words

“House in the Woods provides opportunity to share laughter, memories, sorrow, service and pride among many other common bonds.”

Let us help them continue their most worthy mission.

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