A Houlton man faces multiple charges after allegedly driving the wrong way on I-95 in Smyrna.

State Police say Troopers were first alerted to 43-year-old David Cram's vehicle at around 10 p.m. Monday as it traveled the wrong way on I-95. Trooper Scott Duff caught up to the vehicle as it traveled southbound in the northbound lanes and tried to get in front of it, to deploy a spike strip. Meanwhile, Troopers in Bangor shut down the northbound lane to traffic in Medway.

Trooper Duff got close enough to the truck in Island Falls that he was able to try the PIT maneuver, where the cruiser forces the fleeing vehicle to swerve and the driver to lose control and stop. However, the maneuver was unsuccessful and the vehicle continued south in the northbound lane.

Troopers lost sight of the truck in the Sherman area, but found it later on Route 11 in Ashland, where it had run out of gas. Cram was located and arrested without incident. He will be charged with Operating Under the Influence, Driving to Endanger, Reckless Conduct, and other moving violations.

Police say the investigation is ongoing. investigation is ongoing.    

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