Have you ever seen so much paving as is going on in Bangor this year?

The City of Bangor is doing a lot of paving, and they are not done for the season yet.

Tar everywhere. No feathers. Actually asphalt. And not just streets. Sidewalks that were concrete or cement are being paved.

And it is not just the city doing street. How about retail store parking lots. Bangor Mall even got in on the paving and did some work on the, shall we say, less-than-stellar condition of that lot.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Target paved this week.

And streets everywhere: Pine Street. Penobscot Street. Larkin Street. Sidney Street. And numerous others.

Not to forget I 95.

Stillwater as well, as mentioned above in the City of Bangor release on Facebook, will continue today, Friday. (The notice was published yesterday.)

Getty Images
Getty Images

Sure is nice to drive on fresh new pavement, wouldn’t you agree?

And coming soon, a whole lot of lines to be painted on that fresh new pavement.

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