Stale beer, Epsom salt and mouthwash. Yup. Weirdest smelling lawn ever...

When I heard of the combination of stale beer, Epsom salt and mouthwash...well, you can understand my skepticism. But the mosquitoes are relentless! Apparently, DEET will give you a third eye (the stuff in Deep Woods Off), so other options are welcome when you are outside for a while.

It's summer, and with the spring that we've had - well, the mosquitoes are not only big and hungry, there are a ton of them!

Here is a apparently a tried and true home remedy - and it worked!  Insect Cop is where I found a recipe.

  • One 16 oz. bottle mint-flavored mouthwash
  • 3 cups Epsom salt
  • 3 stale 12 oz. beer

Trust me...I thought it was stupid too. But for some reason, I am DELICIOUS to mosquitoes - so I was ready to try anything. The article says that you only need to apply it every two and a half months. That is a crock. I applied it a lot. A lot! But it did work.

The only sad part is the waste of beer...but my lawn has never smelled so minty fresh!

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