Think back to March when the pandemic began, and there were a few people who put up Christmas lights to help bring a sense of calm and hope to their neighbors, and to the rest of us.
No matter your beliefs, it's hard not to feel a sense of joy when you see a nicely done display of holiday lights.
Personally when I was a kid my parents always strung lights around the house. But in those days almost every house in suburbia did the same thing. Once as a young kid I remember Dad and Mom loading up the station wagon with us and going to a 'rich' area of the city to see their huge mansions and their light displays. As an adult, I returned the favor for my aging parents one year I was visiting them for Christmas and loaded them into my car and drove them through a few neighborhoods that had lots of lights.

Although my favorite memory of Christmas lights is after my Mom passed away, and my Dad still lived in the house driving into the drive way to visit him, and at age 90 he was out on the front lawn with a very long pole with a Y at the end, stringing the lights up to the hooks on the roof, so he wouldn't have to get up on a ladder. Pretty clever, and pretty touching.

Cindy Campbell has similar memories that continue "I remember when I was a kid, my parents would bundle us up in our coats and hats, and we’d drive around Brewer and Bangor, looking at all the Christmas lights. Downtown Bangor, back then, had strings of lights that crisscrossed Main Street and wreaths around the light posts. Now I go with my husband and its one of our favorite holiday traditions. We start by buying some hot chocolate, and then we spend the evening cruising around town, looking for the prettiest displays. More than once, other drivers have rolled down their windows and called out ‘Merry Christmas,’ as we all stop to admire the lights. And the best part, this year, is that it’s a safe, socially distanced way to celebrate the season. I can almost smell the hot chocolate, already."
As 2020 continues to throw us curve balls, get out the lights, lots and lots of lights, and Light Up Your Town. And not just lights, but uplifting positive messages as well.

Sure it's a contest, but it's so much more than prize money.

It's a commitment of faith, hope, strength and solidarity. Let's find common ground and move forward together.
All of us at Q106.5 can't wait to see your photos. Let's all be the light, and Light Up Your Town.

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