Not all that long ago in time, if a Police Officer knocked on your door someone said “oh oh” as they wondered what they’d done wrong, and others might have hidden somewhere in the house.

But that’s all in the past.

Especially with the way the Holden Police Department are involved in the community. And if that knock on the door is this Sunday, don’t head for the hills, head for the door, right away. They're packing candy.

With Covid-19 affecting some residents’ trick or treat plans, Holden Police Department will once again this year do their “Candy From A Cop” program. Last year on Halloween they delivered candy and gift cards and toys to about 60 homes in Holden.

To get Candy From A Cop from Holden Police Department call the department at 843-5442 as soon as possible and ask for Chief Greeley. That’s the only way to get on the delivery list.

If you are wondering how they do this endeavor, the candy is a combination of donations from some very kind citizens, and Holden Police Department has also purchased candy. In addition, the area McDonalds’ owner has made a donation and so has Dr Peter Cummings, a Holden dentist.

Call and get on the delivery list.  Holden Police will begin delivering the goodie bags around Noon and continue into the early evening on Sunday. Happy Halloween.

When asked if he’d be eating Halloween candy as he is making deliveries, Chief Greeley said

“No Comment”

The follow up question was if he was going to dress up in costume for the Halloween deliveries

"Yes, I'm going as a police chief"

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