If you have driven into Holden from either direction on 1A, you know the deal

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This being the first day of December and Christmas being the 25th, one might assume that today is day one of the 25 Days of Kindness program that is undertaken each year by the Holden Police Department.

But when you have so much money to spread around to ensure the joy of the season touches as many as possible, why wait until the actual first day.

Yes Holden is spreading the cheer, and has been for days.

Actually for more than just days.

It is a year round program of community service by Holden Police led by Chief Chris Greeley They hand out gift cards and cash and candy and sometimes even toiletries to those who might need a smile brought to their face.

And why only do that for the month of December.

They have so many donors and sponsors that generously help out with money and goods that the program is larger than one might think.

They go into school and spread cheer. Or maybe there is a car accident or a fire and a child is involved. Holden P.D. have been know to show up with a brand new Teddy Bear to help that child through the difficult event.

And speaking of Teddy Bears

This Sunday the 4th is the Teddy Bear Toss at the Maine Mariners game at Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. Game time is 3 p.m.

Fans are asked to bring new stuffed animals to the game, and when the Mariners score their first goal of the game, toss those animals onto the ice.

Courtesy Cullen McIntyre/Maine Mariners.
Courtesy Cullen McIntyre/Maine Mariners.

Last year there were over 1,500 thrown onto the ice and collected.

Courtesy Cullen McIntyre/Maine Mariners.
Courtesy Cullen McIntyre/Maine Mariners.

The collected stuffed animals are donated to either the Marines Toys for Tots or to the Holden Police Department for their 25 Days of Kindness program, and to donate throughout the year to community members.

If you are going to the game, take along your skates. After the game, there will be an open skate with the Mariners players and Santa Claus and Mrs Claus participating. Fans must bring skates and a helmet to participate.

Back to the Teddy Bear toss and the 25 Days of Kindness in Holden, Police Chief Greeley talked about last year’s  Mariners game saying

It was overwhelming to see so many stuffed animals being tossed onto the ice. And my second thought was how am I going to get so many Teddy Bears back to Holden.

It is wonderful when a community is focused on good deeds and community service to all this time of the year, and all year.

Thank you to the Holden Police Department. for the 6th annual 25 Days of Kindness.

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