In the days following the untimely death of Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley, many were trying to find a way to process the news and honor the man.

TSM photo
TSM photo

Many knew Greeley from the "25 Days of Kindness" program he helped create in Holden, which allowed his officers to perform acts of kindness, such as paying for a tank of oil or dropping off Valentine's to shut-ins in the town, throughout the year.

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So his brothers and sisters at the Holden Fire Department came up with a plan to sell "End Of Watch" bracelets with Greeley's name and death date on them and donate the proceeds to the "25 Days of Kindness" Program to keep ensure that it would keep going after his passing.

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There was definite community interest when the idea was first shared on Holden Fire/Rescue's Facebook Page. So much so, that they had to discontinue taking orders until they got the bracelets delivered to the station.

"Due to the overwhelming response to the Chief Greeley bracelets we have had to stop taking orders until our shipment arrives. We are expecting them to be in at the beginning of April. Until then we are unable to take any pre-orders."

Well, that day has arrived. And with the bracelets now in-house, they announced that they will resume selling them. 

And here's how you can get yours.

"We are excited to announce that the Greeley End of Watch Bracelets have arrived at the station. They will now be available for purchase with cash only at Holden Fire Department and at the Holden Town Office. Thank you for your patience and support. Bracelets are $5 each."

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